Ambiente Corporate Programme

We know that the best ideas spring to mind not only at the office but outside it as well, like at a good lunch or in a pub whilst enjoying a beer. And as we want to support good ideas, we offer two ways of cooperation to your company.


Cards linked to a company account

We will create one main account for you, giving you the choice of what amount of money and how many cards are issued to it, depending on the number of employees authorised to use the account.

You will get the following benefits:
fast payment without the necessity to carry cash with you,
cash back bonus of the amount of 100 CZK for every 1,000 CZK spent,
monthly account statement as an overview of the money spent by your employees and a receipt for your accounting,
membership in Ambiente Culinary Club, including invitations to special culinary events with our chefs and sommeliers.

The condition for creating a company account is a monthly spending amounting to at least 20,000 CZK.


Cards as an employee benefit

No shared account, but an individual card with maximum benefits as a company benefit for your employees.

That means becoming a member of the Ambiente Culinary Club in which your employee gets:
cash back bonus of the amount of 100 CZK for every 1,000 CZK spent (a regular guest gets a bonus of 50 CZK at first),
Ambiente stars, the most popular menu items marked with a *, for which twice their value is credited to the card,
invitations to culinary events with our chefs and sommeliers. Would you like to know what events we have prepared for the club members? You can find an overview of them here.

The membership is valid for 1 year and renews automatically, if your total spending credited to an employee’s card for the last 12 months exceeds 20,000 CZK.


If you are interested in any of our offers, contact us at on workdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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